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Silvana Adelina Dragomir sustine Asociatia OncoHelp: Excelența în radioterapie – precizie, eficiență și siguranță pentru pacientul oncologic!

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The truth is… I do not like running. It is not my type of exercise, but I found in it the challenging type of workout that motivates me into self-improvement. Some may say it helps regaining the inner peace. Every time I finished a half marathon, I felt like I overcame the fear of not being enough and I proved to myself that I can do almost everything I set my mind to. This time I will set my mind to run only 10.5 km, because my 2-month-old baby can’t stay much without her mommy.
Most of the time, it is hard to make time for exercise. Sometimes I get caught in the busy life of building my career as an oncologist, but I struggle to also give my body the respect it deserves by working out and eating healthy.
I believe in the benefits of exercising, as it improves most chronic diseases like cancer, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and many others. It is a good prevention method, but I also advocate for its crucial role during and after the cancer journey – it decreases fatigue, increases quality of life, improves survival and reduces the risk of recurrence. I could not advise my patients to exercise if I don’t do it myself, so I want to set a good example.

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