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The Tracks

Timotion Tracks

The pandemic edition of Timotion 2020 is a special one, where we adapted to all legal restrictions in regards to COVID-19. Therefore Timotion tracks were adjusted accordingly, and are different from what we were used to in the previous editions, offering each participant the liberty to choose his track and number of km he wants to run, without gathering in one place.

In the next few weeks we will launch different proposals to help us consider that, although we will run individually, we are all part of a collective event and the same movement that aims to support 22 useful projects for our community.


Timotion track – Timișoara se mișcă

This track is dedicated to anyone who wants to move, and is a free race that can take place between October 3-11, 2020. Each participant will start the race from any starting point, whether it is in front of his house, in front of the block, in the park, or anywhere else. The route will be determine by each participant, so will the number of kilometers. The race can be done by running, alternating a run with a walk, on a scooter, on a tricycle (children), in a wheelchair, in a stroller (families with children), and this year even on a bicycle. The race will end in Regina Maria Park where the Finish Gate will be located, during the schedule available here.

Timotion track – #Timotioneverywhere

You are a supporter of the “Timotion – Timisoara se misca!” event and you are not in Timisoara at the time of the event? This is the opportunity to combine running with community involvement. Choose your project, register for the #TimotionEverywhere track and we will send you a “contest number” to print and wear during  your at least 1 km run between 3-11 October 2020. Post a selfie with you on Timotion’s Facebook page, so that your friends from Timișoara know that you ran virtually with them – mention the location, the distance and put the hashtag #TimotionEverywhere.

* All races can be completed on foot or by alternating running and walking. Moreover, for parents with babies in a stroller or carrying system, we do not recommend running, for safety reasons. The message Timotion wants to convey is that it is important to participate and enjoy what you do, not how much or how fast you run.


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