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Cross – #TimotionEverywhere

To participate to the #TimotionEverywhere race you need to:
Register for the event by accessing this link: https://www.timotion.ro/inregistrare/ . If you already have a Timotion account go directly here:
Fill in the info in the form provided, considering that:
Nume de familie = Family name
Prenume = First name
Adresa de e-mail = e-mail address (this will be your username and also used for communication so it is better to give a real one 🙂 )
Parola = Password
Reintroduceti parola = fill in with the same password, for validation
Data nasterii = Date of birth
Telefon – this is an easy one…
Oras = City
Gender = “Masculin” / “Feminin”
Alege un proiect = Choose one project (list of projects …)
Alege o cursa = Attention! Here you need to choose “Cursa #TimotionEverywhere”. For all the rest you need to be in Timisoara to participate.
Alege o echipa = Choose a team (optional)
Make sure that the last box is ticked – that means that you are OK with the overall event rules – and then you click “MAI DEPARTE” (Next).

On the next page you can access your profile by using the e-mail and password.
Once your registration is completed you can get it confirmed instantly by paying with a credit card (“Plateste cu cardul”).

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