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How to register

This English version is being updated and will fully be available soon. Thank you for your patience :). Keep running.

You can only register on-line, between 13th January – 22 April 2020. For the first participation you need to register. If you ran before in a previous you can authenticate here (even if you don’t remember your password 🙂 ).

Good to know

To register you will :

  • choose one or more of the available races.
  • register children that will run with you.
  • choose the Non Profit you want to support this year
  • register in the team of colleagues, friends, school-mates, etc.
  • buy one or more t-shirts (you will receive them in the kit prior to D-Day – 10 May)
  • supplement your donation if you want to do more for the community

IMPORTANT: We need the written consent for the runners you registered who under 18 yrs in the 10th of May 2020, from their parent/legal guardian. We will ask for your ID and the consent in the days when you will pick the kit.

If the children are under 12 they cannot participate without adult supervision for the entire race(s).  We thank you for understanding.

The registration fees:

  1. Continental Cross Run (2 km) – 50 RON
  2. Flexik for families with children – 50 RON
  3. Hamilton Fun on the Wheels: Roller Skaters, WheelChair  – 50 Ron
  4. Visma Cross Run (~6 Km)- 70 Ron
  5. Arkwel Cross Run (10 Km) -80 Ron
  6. Profi HalfMarathon (~21 Km)- 90 Ron
  7. Flex – #TimotionEverywhere – 50 Ron
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