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Registration Information

By REGISTERING for this event, you will automatically accept the following Regulations.

“Timotion – Timisoara se misca” is a mass sports event aiming to promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise and sports, as well as raising funds for charitable projects and causes in Timisoara and the western region of the country. This is hereinafter referred to as the Event.

The event is organized by Club sportiv “Alergotura” and Fundatia Comunitara Timisoara, in partnership with local authorities and institutions, with sponsors, associations and legal persons, who bring their contribution pro-bono / in the form of volunteering.

General information

The information about Timotion 2020 tracks is published on the event website: www.timotion.ro. Any changes to the event will be announced on the Timotion website and Facebook page.


Details about Timotion 2020 tracks are available here.

Registration and participation fee

Registrations are open until September 30, 2020, online at http://www.timotion.ro/inregistrare/ (for those who participate for the first time). People who already have an account from the previous edition will have to log on to http://www.timotion.ro/login/

People who have already signed up for Timotion VI and paid the participation fee have been moved to the Timotion – Timisoara se misca race. If the participation fee paid by the person already registered is higher than the single participation fee announced, the participant has the following options:

1. To donate the difference to the selected charity.

2. To request a refund of the difference in the account from which the payment was made.

People who have already registered for Timotion VI and have not paid the participation fee can re-register for one of the 2 races available from their account.

The unique registration fee for Timotion 2020 is 60 RON

Children under 12 years old can participate for free (born after October 11th, 2009)

Payment details

Beneficiary: Clubul Sportiv Asociatia Alergotura
Bank: Banca Comercială Română
IBAN: RO93 RNCB 0715 1573 8666 0001

If the payment is made through bank transfer or cash deposit at the bank counter, the following must be specified:
– The name of the participant (or participants) for whom the registration fee is paid
– The reference number received when registering online on timotion.ro or the reference numbers in case the payment is made for several participants at once

At the Timotion 2020 edition, the participation fee is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another participant. The participation fee can only be refunded if the event cannot take place for reasons related to the organizers, but not for reasons not related to the organizers. One of the aims of the Timotion event, in addition to the movement / running part, is to support the community we belong to, and the charity of the NGOs registered with Timotion.


Each registered participant will receive the contest number by e-mail, so it is essential to send a valid e-mail address when registering. The running number received by e-mail will be printed and the participant can wear it during the run.

Each participant agrees to run at his own risk. The organizers are not responsible for any possible accidents and / or damages caused by participating in this event. The signed declaration regarding the above will be sent by e-mail, together with the registration and payment of the participation fee. The statement can be downloaded here: Declaration-participant_Timotion-2020. (RO only) Failure to submit the participant declaration gives the organizer the right not to issue the competition number and to refuse the refund of the participation fee.

Runner number

Each registered person will receive a runner’s number by e-mail, after paying the participation fee and confirming the participation. The participant will print the number and wear it while running, to mark the fact that he is part of Timotion community. There will be no participation kits this year.


The medal will be handed personally, between October 3-11, between 17-21 (for working days) and 9-21 (on weekends), at the “Timotion VI Finishing Gate” in Regina Maria Park.

The “Finishing Gate” is the place that marks the end of the runner’s race, through which he will pass as a symbol of participation in the pandemic edition of Timotion 2020. At the Finishing Gate, we will take pictures and the participants will receive their Timotion medal. Access to the finish area will be controlled so as to comply with the social distance and health safety measures that will be announced by the Government at the time of the event.

Event t-shirt

Keeping the tradition alive, the organizers will prepare an official T-shirt of the event to remind the participants about their active involvement in the community. The T-shirt can be purchased, for the amount of 30 lei – adult, 25 lei – child, directly from the participant profile, at the moment of registration of even later.
Those who will pay the value of the shirt until September 30, 2020 will receive it at the Finishing Gate along with the medal. Those who want to purchase the shirt after this date will be able to do so only within the available stocks, without the organizer being able to guarantee the requested size.
The money raised here will be used by the organizers for the development of the Timotion event.


Required equipment:

  • sports footwear
  • the runner number that will be received by e-mail from the organizer. The number must be worn on the chest, or on the front of the t-hirt


Any participant who can no longer take part in the event, or who can no longer continue the race, must inform the organizers through e-mail or a message on Timotion Facebook page. The participation fee will not be refunded in case of withdrawal from the race.


By registering for the event, the participant will automatically authorize the organizers, including the partners, to use and reproduce any material containing images with the him/her.

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