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We’ve been looking for you! If you want to get involved in the biggest charity running event in Timis County please register here.

We are searching for individuals full of energy and enthusiasm, who want to bring joy at the hydration points, along the racing tracks and make a difference in various organisation tasks during and before the event.

This is what you can choose to do for Timotion:

  • running kits distribution
  • track preparation
  • encourage and help racers
  • manage hydration points
  • be a referee in the control points
  • hand in the medals and diplomas
  • built and decorate the start/finish area
  • race sanitation before, during and after the event
  • document the race with photos and videos
  • interview the racers

If you bring  your bicycle be a motion volunteer that will broadcast useful safety information or take videos/photos. Or just bring your special idea that will make the others feel magic.

It will be fun! It’s our promise!

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